Yenilenebilir Enerji

Renewable Energy

Solar Energy

To convert solar energy to electrical energy system “Photovoltaic Systems” is called. In addition to the panels, photovoltaic systems, solar inverters, battery, charge controller and switching equipment is located. Solar energy in industrial facilities and commercial buildings can be used for heating purposes. Solar hot water to meet the needs of specific processes in different areas such as the use of heating and hot water needs in the economic and environmental point offers a solution. Heating systems are designed with the goal of providing optimal benefits from solar energy. Thus, power generation is performed in the time to absorb solar energy and energy costs are reduced.

VAT ENERGY with knowledge and experience in solar energy systems, serving customers in the design and implementation.

Wind Energy

Wind power is an important energy source for electricity production used in industrial plants. Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy of the system is the first mechanical energy into electrical energy, then the wind. A wind turbine towers in general, generator, speed converters (gear box), electrical and electronic components and consists of the propeller.

VAT ENERGY, regarding wind energy systems, consulting, on-site exploration, analysis, design and implementation, process commissioning, offers solutions to its customers.