Project Financing

EPC (Energy Performance Contracting)

Plants, to be obtained through savings, which will be held to meet the investment costs, budget allocation, energy efficiency and conservation have the system method. VAT ENERGY, makes the application of the EPS model it collects system installation costs from the cost savings. After saving the collection in the amount determined by the duration of the investment cost, the system is delivered to the customer with all the savings.

ESC (Energy Supply Contracting)

VAT ENERGY, power and industrial plants, steam, hot water, compressed air systems, such as energy needs can be met and the machine operating. Energy Supply Agreement made with the process until the commissioning of the project established and is VAT ENERGY control. The sale of the energy produced, the unit price specified in the agreement is carried out. When the payments system as a result of the cost is met, the system is transferred to all plants. ESC separated from investment value to both existing as well as energy costs have become an efficient system at a lower cost.