Energy Audits

VAT energy, industrial plants and commercial buildings to optimize energy consumption, reduce energy intensity, the aim is to carry out research work. Energy production units, power distribution lines, process control, such as lighting, different energy points are examined in detail in this context. Expert engineers on the issues by analyzing data obtained by measuring equipment, reveals existing energy potential and improvement suggestions. Thus the energy consumption of the plant is considered to be complete down to the smallest detail. With reports prepared in accordance with international standards, detailed information is given about the energy potential of the business. This potential to offer the appropriate projects and improvement works. Energy audits are conducted under two main headings.
The following methods for energy audits are monitored.
Energy efficiency field visits
To identify potential savings and productivity-enhancing methods, preliminary and detailed energy audits
Data collection, measurement
Analysis and evaluation
Removing the map energy consumption, the creation of energy consumption characteristics of the point
Energy costs per unit of production (energy density) detection
Determination of energy saving potential
Presentation of the solution
Removing the cost-benefit analysis
The reporting and presentation stage energy audit services performed.