Recuperator systems transfer the heat energy of the waste flue gas at high temperature to preheat the hot air needed. They increase energy efficiency in the furnace systems, boiler systems, and various processes. According to economizers, they have larger surface area and dimensions in the same heat capacity. They can be manufactured as finned pipe and straight tube. There is a control and monitoring panel specially prepared for recuperators. Thus, the temperature values and the amount of energy saved can be monitored instantaneously. These systems can fulfill various heating needs of the plant such as combustion air preheating, ambient heating and energy consumption can be minimized. It contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions due to fossil fuels saved by both heat saving and energy supplied.

VAT ENERJİ Recuperators are designed in accordance with your plant layout and operating conditions in order to ensure long life and high performance of the system.. They installed by the professional team and work under promised savings conditions.