Heliex GenSet – Generator Set

The Heliex GenSet operates saturated process steam and produces low-cost electricity that can be used onsite or sold back to the network.

With no breakdown to your plant production, the system is easy to install, generates customized outputs from 70 to 630 kWe based on your specific requirements and payback in less than three years.

Industries from pharmaceuticals to agriculture, biomass to waste incineration, have all increased profitableness and increased sustainability due to the installation of a Heliex GenSet.

The three applications 

The Heliex GenSet has three different practices:

  • Fossil Fuels
  • Biomass
  • Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)

Heliex SteamDrive – Steam Drive

A low-cost alternative to an electric motor, use the Heliex steam expander system to drive your rotating equipment.

  • Maximize your efficiency
  • Reduce your electricity costs

The Heliex SteamDrive operates saturated steam and benefits from it to power machinery rather than using an electrical motor. Applications include fans, blowers, pumps, and compressors.

As well as generating shaft power, the Heliex SteamDrive supplies steam for the downstream process at the necessary pressures and flow.

Heliex AirComp – Air Compressor

Any operation that produces waste steam and requires compressed air will benefit from the Heliex AirComp.
Utilizing the same technology as the Heliex GenSet, this application produces high efficiency compressed air more economical than a standard electrical generator by using onsite process steam.

The Heliex AirComp is an unmatched air compressor. It unites the benefits of Heliex’s steam expander technology, with traditional industrial air compressor technology, creating an effective ‘plug and play,’ pack.

If you want to produce compressed air, all you need is your steam.


A full range of industrial compressed air pressures and flow-rates can be produced from industrial saturated steam.
Integrated next to the existing steam pressure reduction valve, the Heliex AirComp decreases all or part of the available steam flow to run a Heliex expander and generate compressed air.
With payback in three years and an output of instrument air between 7 and 10 Bar G, the Heliex AirComp is an economic method of generating compressed air.

Heliex SteamComp – Steam Recompressor
A low-cost way to revitalize low-pressure steam.
Use the Heliex SteamComp to capture your low-pressure steam and re-energise it for usage in your processes.

Many industrial processes generate low-pressure steam, either from the outlet of a process or as flash steam after the pressure of high-temperature condensate is reduced.

Usually, the steam is condensed and the resulting water returned to the boiler, where it’s heated and converted back into steam. This process is inefficient because energy is consumed to convert the steam to water and then again to convert it back to steam.

A low energy alternative
The Heliex SteamComp re-compresses the steam, taking it directly from a low-pressure to a higher pressure, ensuring a highly efficient, low energy alternative to condensing and then re-vaporising it in a boiler.

Payback within 3 years

  • Uses the same principle as heat pumps by utilizing external (electrical) energy to re-energise steam.
  • Ideal for counties and sites where there is a low electricity price.
  • High efficiency with a Coefficient of Performance (COP) of between 5 – 15.

How Heliex Works?