An economizer is a system that provides heat recovery by utilizing the energy in the flue gas. Hot water or other hot fluids can be produced by taking the energy of the hot flue gas thrown at the atmosphere.

The flue gas temperatures can be reduced by variable values depends on the fuel and flue material used. The economizers, which are designed according to the flue gas outlet temperature, can be manufactured from a stainless or black material.

Depending on the design conditions,  we produce efficient and long-lived economizers, which can be fire-tube or water-tube type. It should not be forgotten that lowering the flue gas temperature every 20 ° C in economizers can ensure approximately 1% fuel savings.

VAT ENERJİ Economizers are designed in accordance with your plant layout and operating conditions. They installed by the professional team and work under promised savings conditions.

VAT ENERJİ performs all kinds of engineering, project, manufacturing and assembly applications related to sensible heat economizers and condensing economizers in accordance with standards.

There is a control and monitoring panel specially prepared for economizers. Thus, the temperature values and the amount of energy saved can be monitored instantaneously. Feed water preheating, domestic water heating, process water heating can be realized with economizers.

Economizer systems are one of the most suitable energy saving applications with short turnaround times in industrial plants.