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Globalization result of the development of trade and manufacturing opportunities in the growing world energy needs with modernizing society has led to the increase. The resulting increase in energy demand, energy consumption country in the first place the question on the use of more efficient and more effective studies have revealed the necessity.

In our country an average 8% increase in energy demand per year, coupled with the fact that due to the energy of a large part of our current account deficit, the country’s economy in a more efficient use of energy and in terms of being manufacturers more competitive, proved to be a necessity.

VAT ENERGY at this point, commercial and industrial energy consumers consume and produce energy without compromising on quality and modern conditions and to lower energy costs also offers technological services and solutions for the environmental impact of improvements. The project has made so far “maximum efficiency” principle in watts, businesses 8% – 35% of realized energy savings.

VAT ENERGY expert staff, in terms of energy efficiency and energy engineering, together with international partners, serving the world more productive and sustainable practices will be your most suitable partner for you to be able to implement.